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CompactFlash (CF) Card Photo Recovery

Aidfile Photo Recovery is powerful CF photo recovery software. It can recover deleted photos,restore lost picture files and rescue corrupted images from CompactFlash (CF) Card ..Even if there are some new photos saved into that CompactFlash (CF) card, Aidfile Photo Recovery still can get the deleted photo files back.

Picture & photos file will "lose" in certain situations. For example, it may lose a images file if the CompactFlash (CF) card be fomatted by a mistake,or the CompactFlash (CF) card damaged ,or deleted by a mistake operation.

Aidfile CompactFlash Photo Recovery Software Keyfeature

support repairs corrupted CompactFlash photos

support recover deleted CompactFlash Photos

support rescue missing CompactFlash pictures from deleted,changed partition

About CompactFlash Photo recovery

How to recover Compact Flash photos .

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1. Select the "Recover Partition " button and select the hard drive, then click the "NEXT" button.

2. Set sector of the drive.

3. scan the drive.